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To My Other Half: A Happy Birthday

I just want to offer something special for you, to remind you that you are always loved and cherished. I will not keep this long though, I know you do not like reading long messages. Even though you reminded me not to buy any gifts for you this year, I still wanted to give you… Continue reading To My Other Half: A Happy Birthday


RANT: #MarcosIsNotAHero

PHOTO Grabbed from They say that we must let go and must go on. They also said that the problem with Filipino people is that we do not know how to forgive, saying that the lack of clemency is a big hindrance to our country’s progress. I say the problem with us is that… Continue reading RANT: #MarcosIsNotAHero


Note of Thanks

"Saan man ako, bumaling, ika’y naroon, tumalikod man sayo, dakilang pag-ibig mo  Sa aki’y tatawag at siyang magpapa-alalang, ako’y iyong iniibig at siyang itatapat sa puso…" (A Song of Worship)   This is my twenty- fourth year of life. Way back then, whenever you are celebrating your birthday, your parents or the elders, at all… Continue reading Note of Thanks