“He may not still remember.”

Did you ever experience hearing others say, "He is still young. He might still not remember."? Me? I heard it a couple of times. The first vivid memory I had from my childhood is when I was about three years old. Can you believe that the scene that I still can clearly recall, is the… Continue reading “He may not still remember.”

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Awesome awaits: A day tour in Legoland Theme Park, Malaysia

About thirty-minutes to an hour ride from Singapore, we decided to finally visit Legoland Malaysia Resort. I have been seeing photos of this place from my friends in Facebook, and I am happy we got the time to experience the attractions this park has to offer. Honestly, I think it is a very fortunate opportunity… Continue reading Awesome awaits: A day tour in Legoland Theme Park, Malaysia

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Flower Dome with my boys

This is my first time visiting Singapore as a tourist. About six years ago, at the age of twenty one, my dreams brought me here to work, and I officially became an Overseas Filipino Worker. After years of working hard and providing for my family, I met the man of my life, my ex boyfriend, now… Continue reading Flower Dome with my boys

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To My Other Half: A Happy Birthday

I just want to offer something special for you, to remind you that you are always loved and cherished. I will not keep this long though, I know you do not like reading long messages. Even though you reminded me not to buy any gifts for you this year, I still wanted to give you… Continue reading To My Other Half: A Happy Birthday

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The battles we won

"Today was a heartbreak. Like my heart is literally taken away from my chest. Mother's love. Immeasurable. I thought I could sleep all through out this flight, but I can't. I am demanding myself to get this so-much-sought-for-straight sleep for the past few months, but I just can't close my eyes peacefully at this very… Continue reading The battles we won

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Hidden Gem in Batangas: Burot Beach

After my husband's wedding proposal last June 2014 (you can read about it on my previous blog post), our family decided to have a short getaway¬†in the South. It was early morning when we headed to Calatagan, Batangas. We were already in Maragondon, Cavite the night before that so it just was less than two-hours… Continue reading Hidden Gem in Batangas: Burot Beach