“He may not still remember.”

Did you ever experience hearing others say, “He is still young. He might still not remember.”? Me? I heard it a couple of times.

The first vivid memory I had from my childhood is when I was about three years old. Can you believe that the scene that I still can clearly recall, is the time when I was exhausted from running and playing outside. I then rushed home and looked for my Nanay, and she breastfed me since I was very thirsty. Yes, you read it right. I was a breastfed baby until three years old.

Some of my folks say, they can remember scenes from their childhood as early as two, while others claim they can remember distinctly only when they were in early grade school.

But I am not a Psychologist, or a researcher, or even a scientist to prove when should humans start remembering ‘memories‘. I am just here, as a mother, writing on a mommy’s perspective, WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO CREATE MEMORIES AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.

I always tell my husband that we should create family memories during weekends or whenever he is available. I mean, those memories we can capture a picture for remembrance. In this way, we can show our son when he grows older (our son is just two years old, by the way), where we have been, and what experiences we did try on that certain trip. I think it is always nice to look back and share a good laugh together with your family while looking at old photos. It is always great reminiscing happy memories. Maybe even those that were not fun at all. Because when we totally moved on, even from those experiences that were not so good, it may still be looked at and it might be a good memory to learn a lesson from.

I also love to experience things for the first-time. For example, going to the zoo. Yes, as a couple we’ve been there for numerous times as I have free passes from my company before; but going there with our little one is different. So experiencing the zoo altogether is a first-time for our little family. It may be challenging, but I assure you, you will have fun. Because from all the tours and encounters we had being a family, my husband and I always shared good laughs (so good that if I only have a Gopro in my forehead at that time, and I can capture that moment, I will. And if only videos can be framed, I will.)

If I can only capture, every second and every minute I have with my loved ones, I absolutely will. But I can’t. Even those tera and giga memory cards of our phones and cameras have their limits too.

But at least, there is one thing in this world that can’t be on a low battery or unattended, it is our God-created mind. With our brains, we can always collect memories. We can remember as much as we can remember. But not all, we always can’t have it all.

That is why God also gave us our hearts. So that when the time comes when we can no longer recall with our brains, we can always remember by heart. Because the way a person or an experience made you feel will always be unforgettable. For me, feelings are alive, they will be always there.


These are the ones our children will remember.

These are the ones that should be always created, regardless of age.








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