Letters To Elijah: Happy 2nd Birthday

The past two years has been amazing. There are a lot of beautiful things to say about you. A lot has changed. You grew so beautifully.

Every now and then, I still get the feeling of dissatisfaction. Thinking how I chose to be a full-time mother, than a career woman like I used to be. A part of me still want my life before, but I would not trade your welfare for anyone and anything.

I am grateful to spend everyday with you and receive your random kisses and feel the warmth of your hugs. I am thankful that I am always by your side when unfortunate circumstances come and I can finally say, “Don’t worry, Mommy’s here”.

As you learned how to walk, stand and run by yourself, I am very happy I made a choice to be a full-time mom for you, because as you grow, I can see you are becoming much more independent. I still love carrying you and swaying you to sleep when you wish to.

I am grateful for every night we sing together and you patiently listen to my stories before sleeping. I am thankful for seeing the spark in your eyes every time you look at me after an accomplishment. I am grateful that you are alive, every second and every minute.

Today, as you turn two, let me say that the two years I had being a parent were never easy. Exactly two years ago, I was clueless as I became a mother. I think no one has ever been prepared for parenthood. I had you and my responsibilities increased, but I never knew that your birthday will introduce me to a kind of love like no other.

Please remember, Mommy and Daddy will always try to be the best parents for you. We may have a difficult family set-up for now, but I know we will make it through. One day, our prayers and our hard work will pay-off. Just hang on, anak. God gave us the best head of our family, your  Dad. Don’t you worry about tomorrow, we will work hard to make a great one for you. Today, on your birthday, just be the playful you. Play as long as you want. Jump as high as you can.

Let us hug you, carry you and kiss you. Let us love you in the ways that we can, care for you as best as we can.

You are the ray of sunshine in our gloomy days. You are the calm in our anxieties and fears. Our strength and one of our greatest weaknesses. You our son. You are our life.

All of us are praying for your good health.

We love you so much. Happy Second Birthday!

Loving you always,





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