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Awesome awaits: A day tour in Legoland Theme Park, Malaysia

About thirty-minutes to an hour ride from Singapore, we decided to finally visit Legoland Malaysia Resort. I have been seeing photos of this place from my friends in Facebook, and I am happy we got the time to experience the attractions this park has to offer. Honestly, I think it is a very fortunate opportunity that we visited Legoland almost five years since it opened. Mainly because almost all, if not everything, of the attractions are ready and completed. I have heard some of my friends in Singapore recommended to not visit the park during the times it was newly opened. Good thing I believed them. If it were not for my son, I think my husband and I would not mind going there at all. We have a very active toddler and he is the main reason why we visited the theme park.

I assure you, we absolutely enjoyed the place. Yes, it is a ‘we’, the parents enjoyed the theme park as much as their son did!

First of all, let me share to you our booking details.

Booking made from Cebu Air Travels and Tours (Lucky Plaza, Singapore)

Booking cost: 79 sgd per adult, our son who is less than 2 years old, traveled and entered the park FREE. The cost included a two-way transfer from Singapore to Legoland, and the entrance to the theme park only. Please inquire in the travel agency if you want to go to the water park as well. 



Market Restaurant

We arrived at the park about past eleven in the morning due to long queue at the immigration. I read about Legoland reviews beforehand and saw a travel tip to eat early than usual so you can enjoy more rides when most people are eating their lunch at the usual timing. So I asked my husband to eat first, before we start our ‘family day’. We decided to eat at the Market Restaurant, where you can find Chicken rice, Briyani rice, Fish & Chips, Pasta, Roast Chicken and Ice Kachang. You can pay your meals using Malaysian Ringgit, Singapore Dollar or using your credit cards. It is a fully air-conditioned facility so this can be your haven amidst scorching heat outside.

They also have Lego-building tables for kids to enjoy.

Lego City

After filling up our tummies, we decided to go out and enjoy the park. We know that not all of the attractions will allow us to ride since we have a toddler with us. So for the other attractions, we just enjoyed seeing families bond and enjoy, just like here in the Lego Rescue Academy. 

Here are the other attractions we will ride next time.

My son really loves cars and likes riding on them too. Too sad he’s too young to enjoy the Junior Driving School. Maybe next time, little boy.

This is the Shipyard, it is a playground for kids, concept from the name of the area itself.

They also have game stalls everywhere. Here’s my husband’s almost-three-points-shot.


Land of Adventure

I think it is because of the weather that the Dino Island was closed for the day. It was sad, but I bet we can’t ride here anyway. I just remember the thrill I usually had when I rode Jungle Log Jam in Enchanted Kingdom (Laguna, Philippines) during my school field trips.

My son’s too young to ride the Lost Kingdom adventure as well, so we just took a picture outside the attraction.

 The Lego Ninjago World

Finally, we have found an attraction that will allow us to ride as a family, The Lego Ninjago- The 4d ride. The staff said that kids as young as one year old can ride this attraction. It was safe, it was not so shaky, unlike the Transformers in USS (just for comparison).

You can feel adventure even outside the attraction itself. I must say,  Lego structures here are simply amazing!



Lego Imagination Land

So now, welcome to Imagination Land, where my family enjoyed the most. Dunplo Playtown is a heaven for toddlers. Here, let the pictures do the talking.

Imagination Land, is undeniably, for young kids and kids at heart just like my husband. Look at him riding Duplo Express with our little one.

When you go to Legoland, remember to always bring protection from the sun– hat, cap or umbrella. The weather is always unpredictable. When we were there, it was sunny early in the afternoon, but it became rainy afterwards. We took refuge in the Build and Test area where you can create your own structures. Race cars were a big hit in this play area. There were race tracks, equipped with timer, so children can test their car creations in a real race. We also enjoyed watching a 4Dmovie at the Lego studios while the weather was crazy outside. Watching a Lego movie bought us time to rest and wait for the sun to come out.

Lego Kingdoms

Here’s the Lego Kingdoms, the home of Dragon’s apprentice, a roller coaster ride designed for younger guests but for sure will bring thrill to adults as well. There are also a lot of attractions available for young kids, but our son is too sleepy to try anything, so we just took pictures.

Lego Technic

Definitely my husband’s favorite, Lego Star Wars Miniland, a part of Lego Technic area. This indoor observation experience showcases models and iconic scenes from all six episodes of the show. WOW!

LEGO Miniland

Quoting the theme park itself, …”at the heart of every LEGOLAND is the much-loved true-to-life miniature version of Asia’s iconic landmarks around the world. MINILAND dazzles in every way as a magnificent masterpiece built with over 30 million LEGO®bricks that showcase famous scenes from 17 Asian countries.”

Here are some of my husband’s photos from Legoland Malaysia Miniland. Enjoy!

I believe this day tour did not only bonded us as a family, it was also a memorable day for my husband and I. To end this blog, let me share with you my message for my husband in Facebook, posted on the exact day of our tour.

I just want to remember this day as happy as it has been. We definitely shared good and loud laughs all day long, joking around, riding boring-for-adults rides for the sake of our son, taking photos of each other, experiencing some things for the first-time. Thank You for being the man that you are. Today was an awesome day. I love you.



So, there you go, if the pictures above may not still invite and make you want to visit Legoland Malaysia Resort, then may the last message I posted for my husband be the factor. Go and enjoy! Awesome awaits! 🙂

More information on their site:




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