Letters To Elijah

Letters to Elijah: RISK IT ALL OR PLAY IT SAFE

Dearest Eli,

I am seeing you grow before my very eyes, and I can see your courage gets bolder, and bravery becomes greater. You love to explore, climb and run. If you only knew, how much I struggle to do daily activities while watching over you. You’re like The Flash.

There was a time, I was about to take the first bite for my meal, I just took my eyes off you only for a brief number of seconds. The next thing I saw is you standing at the edge of the cabinet, trying hard to find balance. My heart jumped and in a blink of an eye, I ran towards you and when I finally got you, I loudly exhaled a sign of relief.

I must say that you are dauntless. At your age, I cannot see fear in you yet. I had mini heart attacks every time I see you at the edge of cabinet or table, standing, sitting or sometimes effortlessly laying down. Then I said to myself, these instances are just a mere preview of more bold events in the future. My parenthood journey is only beginning and they say there’s no finish line. Once you became a parent, you will always be one.

Honestly, I am excited to see you grow up and make your own decisions. I am praying that I can guide you to continue being courageous. If I could just preserve your innocence in taking risks, as if there are no consequences, I will. But in reality, I need to somehow prepare you that it will not be always a ‘go’. That most of the time, you need to analyze before you execute.

My dearest Elijah, may you stay hungry for learning as you are now. Explore more, though it will not be always easy. Take your time learning the basics before you jump to complexities. Take it one step at a time. Manage your time well and it will not be against you.

May you always remember the lines of the villain in your favorite Turbo movie, Gangne, Take a chance and risk it all or play it safe and suffer defeat.”

You are born to experience the world, not to play safe and always stay within your comfort zone. Continue to be a risk-taker as you are now.  You’ll never know unless you try. I also pray that someday, you will understand that risks must be chosen wisely. Not everything is worth the risk. I know you’re wise, do not let emotions alone drive you to make life-changing decisions.

Time will come you’ll understand more. But for the mean time, Mommy will always be here for you, ready to catch you, even before you fall. And if you fall, I will still be there, with an ice pack.

I love you.

I am always proud of you,





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