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To My Other Half: A Happy Birthday

I just want to offer something special for you, to remind you that you are always loved and cherished. I will not keep this long though, I know you do not like reading long messages.

Even though you reminded me not to buy any gifts for you this year, I still wanted to give you something that you can use in a daily basis, the item you received 17 days early. That was just a simple way of saying thank you, for all the sacrifices you made and are enduring overseas just to support our family.

Honestly, all I want is to hug you right now and tell you personally that I love you. But I need to be patient and wait for another month, to hold you and kiss you. But do not worry, I am thankful to have a Little Kiko here beside me, ready to be hugged anytime.

Happy Birthday to the man I can’t live without. I will always pray for God to guide and protect you.

Your son and I are waiting for you to be back home. We miss you and we love you so much. Cheers to another year! God is good.

Here is Elijah greeting you a Happy Birthday as well. ❤

I am watching Turbo but Mommy requested me to pose for a picture.
I love my Daddy anyway so I agreed.
But it is already the most exciting part!
CAR RACING, my favorite!

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