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Letters to Elijah: Happy First Birthday

To my dearest Elijah,

Colored flashbacks, some are black-and-white flickers, all memories revolve around you.

From the very day we knew you existed until the moment we held you in our arms. From the first days of breastfeeding, until the day you learned to eat on your own. From your unpredictable sleeping schedule, to the cute snoring sound you make as you sleep through the night. From the first time you learned how to sit, to the recent days you worked and succeeded to walk.

From your irrepressible cries, to your first-spoken syllables. From our first domestic travel, to our overseas travels to Singapore. From your first check-up, to your monthly schedule of vaccination, down to unfortunate days of your hospitalization. From your immature immune system, up to your good and stable health. All of these memories are stored in Mommy’s subconsciousness, awaiting to be utilized when needed.


Like retrospect in medium speed, this day gives me a recollection of your firsts. I find strength in imagining your smiles and recalling your contagious laughter. It is my joy to reminisce your innocent summons and your silly antics. But along with the happy memories, there are the ones that I barely like rewinding, those are the times when we were apart, the times you fell sick, and the times we missed to spend together. But that moments are the ones which made our bond closer, and our faith stronger.


In every endeavor, all I can see is your beautiful face, and all I can feel is my great love for you. A love so significant, it made everything seemed to have a beautiful purpose.

You are my core, my heart, my life. You are everything to Mommy and Daddy. There is no greater love in this world, than of the love we have for you. But always remember there is God who loves you more than most. He lives not on Earth, but in Heaven. Your birthday is a beautiful reminder of God’s unconditional love for all of us. Aside from the immense love He have for you, I genuinely believe that God loves me and your father so much, He allowed us to be your parents. He let us feel this kind of love for you and that sense of God’s trust is priceless.


I have never been so close to God and to Mama Mary until we had you. Amidst uncertainties, I find solace in my prayers. For your guidance, I consistently prayed for God to send you more guardian angels. I requested God to send you even my own guardian angel for your increased protection and security. As always, God is true to His promises. Because He truly sent angels for you, they always have been around you. The ones who take good care of you whenever I am away. He gave you your Lolos, Lolas, Tiyas, and Tiyos.

When I asked God to send my own guardian angel to protect you, I realized that He sent you my mother, your Lola Evelyn to love you, nurture you, and care for you in my absence. And for all of that I am deeply, sincerely grateful to God. He answered all my prayers in form of the people who loves you as much as I do.

Not only a celebration of life, your birthday is also thanksgiving day for the whole family. Because aside from being blessed by you, God reminded me how truly blessed we are as a family.

There was only one angel God allowed me to have by my side consistently, and that is Francis. In my darkest hours, God manifested His never-ending love and compassion through your Daddy. It is because of your father’s wisdom, strength and understanding that I managed to overcome my postpartum depression. I will always be thankful to God for giving me a good husband. With God’s grace, we conquered those dark times and won the battle together. Hand in hand, we faced every challenge of early parenthood. Together, we have been working hard to build your future. We loved each other so much more because we have you. And we know that with our combined love, you can grow abundantly with the blessings of health, love, friendship, knowledge, and wisdom.



You are the purpose of our existence. It is because of you why your Daddy and I want to live longer and better. You are worth every heartache and hard work. You are the light at the end of a tunnel. You are our ultimate source of inspiration. You are our happiness, and our greatest achievement.

Thank you for choosing us to be your parents.

We love you so much Francis Elijah.

Happy First Birthday!


Loving you always,




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