Letters To Elijah

Letters To Elijah: Wear Your Courage

My Dearest Elijah,

Few days ago, you were brave enough to make your first step. You did it confidently on your own and we couldn’t be any prouder. Congratulations, you strived hard and you finally succeeded.

The first step is always the hardest, same goes with life. But once you decided to make that first step, the next one will just be a breeze. As they say, things you can’t understand are the hardest to bear. Likewise, actions that you have not yet experience are the toughest to make. Always believe on your intuition. Take a step towards your goal. Trust yourself. Do not be afraid to take chances.

Wear your courage to anywhere life may take you. It is very essential to keep it always with you as you walk through life because the journey will not be easy. Life can catch you off guard. You’ll be surprised by heavy challenges, and may be taken aback by strong doubts. Sometimes you can feel that there is something holding you back inside, try to track it, and learn to manage it. Great things are achieved by starting to conquer your fear and inferiority.

Take risks. There are infinite possibilities in life, chase them. And as they say, nothing can substitute experience. We will be here to prepare you to face the world as much as we can. But when the day comes and you need to face the world alone, we will pray that you will be brave enough to face the present and the future.

When things are too challenging, please don’t be afraid to accept failure. Though I am wishing for every success on your future battles, I am praying that you may learn to accept failure as well. Even the bravest can be defeated too.

Take advantage during distress, draw discernment amidst perplexity, pick up confidence in bewilderment. Gather  your strength, wear your courage again, find a way to overcome the hindrances.

After all, bravery is not absence of fear, it is a decision to continue despite life’s giant discouragements. Trust your very own competencies. Always remember that Daddy and Mommy will always be proud of you.

And most importantly, always be humble in your victory. Win gently, win fairly. Share your courage with others, because courage is contagious.

Bravery is always in your heart, Anak. Find it. 





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