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Hidden Gem in Batangas: Burot Beach

After my husband’s wedding proposal last June 2014 (you can read about it on my previous blog post), our family decided to have a short getaway in the South. It was early morning when we headed to Calatagan, Batangas. We were already in Maragondon, Cavite the night before that so it just was less than two-hours drive to the location. It was all our first time to see this beach. Actually, my sisters heard only about it from their friends, saying that before it was acquired by a business tycoon, everyone was free to explore the area and enjoy the beach. But the good news is, it is still open to public.

I did remember we only had to pay about less than a hundred per adult for entrance, and a lower fee for kids. We just negotiated with the security guard; there was really no fixed entrance rate displayed that time like the one you can see on a developed beach resort. Since we only have the day, we opted to rent just a table located at the shore, only for four hundred pesos.

The beach was a naked, fresh and untouched beauty of nature.

We explored the beach without being too commercialized yet. There were neither electricity nor regular accommodations in the area. But there was a small sari-sari store wherein you can buy some basic necessities. The common toilet was still bare, not properly maintained as expected. You can take a bath, just like the old times, using the poso behind the cottages.

Nonetheless, Burot beach was breathtakingly beautiful. The water was clean, though not so translucently clear. The sand was like a refined light brown sugar. The marine life was still flourishing and healthy. You can see starfish all around!

There were only few persons who set up their own tent, intending to stay there overnight. So, we basically owned the area. It was such as fun and memorable family bonding. One for the books!

All of these pictures were taken last June 2014. I am very sorry for the late post. I just can’t have these pictures on my hard drive without sharing. Indeed, Burot beach is one beautiful escape from the busy lights of the city. Hoping this post can reach those people who badly need a getaway from the hustling life in the Metro, without spending too much. And yes, you are welcome. 🙂




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