Letters To Elijah

Letters to Elijah: Because Quitting is NOT Failing

First of the many spontaneous letters I will write for my beloved son, based on what I feel at this very moment.

Dearest Elijah, 

You may hear others say “If you quit, you fail“. That statement makes sense at one point, but you must always remember that quitting is not parallel with failing. Difference between the two might be difficult for you to understand at a young age, but I am hoping that when you reach a certain point in your life that you badly want to quit, you can read this letter and contemplate before deciding.

  • Maybe a person wants to quit because of a more valuable reason. 
  • Maybe a person wants to quit because the path he has been travelling is a wrong direction after all.
  • Maybe a person wants to quit because he knew he would completely fail if he continue. 
  • Maybe a person wants to quit because that is the only option left.

Quitting means you are unable to finish what you have started. It can be a basis for failure, but definitely not its sole indicator. Habang may buhay, may pag-asa. Quitting will never be the END for a person who have a dream, especially if that person works hard to achieve it. You can quit, anak, but never stop trying again.

Success cannot absolutely be felt without experiencing the opposite. Tons of hardwork is needed for a person to attain it, alongside with perseverance, faith and courage to keep pushing forward despite the shower of obstacles along the way.

But what if the very reason you want to succeed is also the reason you want to quit?

I want you to know that sometimes, you can use your heart in deciding. I know it is important to be logical and rational most of the time, but darling, it is okay to be human. It is okay if you’ll decide using your heart. Because most of the time, decision made from the heart are the ones that make our lives worth living. Those decisions are oftentimes the purest and the most sincere. Because it comes from your very heart.

My recent circumstances made me realize that when it comes to love, sacrifices are worth it. Even though it means you’ll need to leave your comfort zone.

After making a recent decision using my heart, I felt an inexplicable kind of relief and happiness. A line from a teleserye (which I recently heard) erased the minor doubt I have after making such.

“Bilang ina, malalaman mo kung tama ang desisyon mo kung ayun ang tama sabi ng puso mo” 

I think this line applies to all those who are making decisions out of love.

Life is unpredictable, son.  The decisions we are going to make might be right, most of the times they maybe wrong. But the choice is always ours to make. With good choices we can prosper, with bad choices we can learn. Always remember to bring your own choices with you wherever you go, because from there you can move forward and create your future. Always remember, life is meant to be enjoyed with the choices we make, the time we have left, and the people who chose to be with us, whether we asked them to stay, or not.

I love you.

Always here to listen, 




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