Fresh From The Heart: The Longest Ride

“…The great joy of collecting wasn’t in the art itself… but in the person i collected it with, my beloved Ruth. The happiness these paintings brought her was immeasurable. And sharing that happiness… was the great privilege of my life. We celebrated, we achieved. We endured, we compromised. And above all.. We loved. The true work of art was the longest ride Ruth and I shared. This thing called LIFE. There’s not a painting here i wouldn’t trade in a heartbeat… to hear her voice.. or see her smile.. just one more time.” (Nicholas Sparks, The Longest Ride)

Forgive my spontaneity, I just had the beautiful opportunity to watch the movie minutes ago. I am deeply moved. My heart is still heavy until now. And the words above hit me big time. If you know the story, those words belong to the letter read before Ira and Ruth Levinson’s auction. The flashbacks while the letter was being read,  caused me to have a flashback of my own.

I can’t express more about what I am feeling right now. I just want to write and publish this as a reminder for my marriage. I am just blessed I am living this “longest ride” with my husband right now. We might have a number of arguments lately but at the end of day, all I want is to be with him forever. 






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