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Travel Diary: Phuket, Thailand

Since my husband nags me to put some of our stories on this blog site, then here it is. Sharing with you our short-but-sweet escapade in Phuket, Thailand last January 2015, as husband and wife.

This was actually our honeymoon trip since we did not have the time to fully rest and enjoy “as a couple only” after the wedding. After our wedding last 6th of December 2014, which I am about to blog soon, we also had two more wedding receptions, in my husband’s hometown and mine. Due to annual leave constraints, we need to get back to work four days after the wedding. Which led us to this short-but-sweet getaway after a month of being married.


Air travel from Singapore to Phuket is about one hour and forty minutes. Phuket is one hour ahead of Singapore. Since this is a short-but-sweet trip, we stayed in Phuket for three days and two nights only. We approximately arrived at Phuket International Airport around 2’o clock in the afternoon. We already arranged for land transfers since I find it more safe and time-efficient if we pre-booked everything on our short-but-sweet itinerary. Anyway, we arranged our land transfers/pick-ups with Phuket Freeday Co., Ltd. From airport to Wat Chalong, then to our Hotel, the fare was THB 1200.

Wat Chalong Temple 

Before we went to our hotel, we visited one of the many Buddhist Temples in Thailand, Wat Chalong. Wat Chalong is about 8 km south of Phuket City. This temple warmly welcome foreign visitors. As checked, the temple is open from seven in the morning to five in the afternoon. There is no entrance fee but donations are welcome.


Palmyra Patong Resort

I booked our hotel via I have been booking our hotel stays using this site for years. This site have my trust.

We booked a Grand Superior Room with Deluxe Honeymoon Arrangement. Upon reaching the hotel, our room was upgraded to a Suite. Lucky us! There were not so much guests that time, so they gave us an upgrade.



Patong Beach

We hit the road couple of minutes after we settled-in. Our hunger led us to a food stall just in front of the very busy beach of Patong. This beach is too crowded, but still worth-visiting if you are just around the area. I can honestly compare it to Boracay beach (the stations one to three). They are both too commercialized. Hotels are everywhere, that’s why there is massive human traffic. Patong beach have white sand as well. A lot of water-activities are available. But if you just want to relax by the shore or wait for the beautiful sunset, you can rent picnic umbrellas and mats from the sidewalks, their rental stores are everywhere too!


After witnessing the beautiful sunset in Patong, we decided to go home and enjoyed the hotel facilities. We just really need a breather, so we opted to stay in the hotel and had a night swim. We enjoyed the early hours of the night drinking mojito by the pool.



I bought a 55SGD voucher from Phuket Freeday Co., Ltd. through for a day tour to the three of the most famous islands in Phuket, namely Phi Phi Island, Maya Bay and Khai Island.

The voucher includes land transfer by minibus for hotels located in Patong. Our adventure started around 8’o clock in the morning. We arrived at the port after an hour since they also picked-up guests from other hotels. Free breakfast welcomed us at the port. After the tour guide gave us a brief overview of our itinerary, we were asked to ride the speedboat. Since my husband had a VERY GOOD idea of sitting in the front of the speedboat, we really had a CRAZY, BUMPY, TREMULOUS RIDE. Haha


Monkey Island 

Our tour guide did not advise us to go down and explore this island. They said that there is already an entry restriction for this island since accidents had been reported. You can definitely not control animal behaviour. On the other hand, there were still other travel agencies which allowed their guests to set foot on this island. I did not mind going down though. Taking pictures while on the speedboat is fine with me.


Phi Phi Island

Since it was an indeed long speedboat ride to our destination, it was already lunch time when we reached Phi Phi island, we stayed there for a good lunch.  Here you can see the native longtail boats, colourfully decorated with their national flag. Riding longtail boats is one of the best ways to explore the many hidden beaches and offshore islands of Phuket.



Viking Cave 

We cruised around in blue waters, stopped near the cave for a few photos. This cave is near our next destination, Maya Bay. The tour guide said it was once a shelter cave for vikings and pirates. Now, it is a bird nest. Obviously, the water here is perfect clear and beautiful as emerald.


Maya Bay

This island is a gem. It is too beautiful, you can call it a paradise. Experiencing its waters is so much better than looking at the pictures on the internet. You’d better go and see it for yourself. Wish we had more time to spend here, and hopefully on our next visit, it will be less crowded.



Before going to the last island in our itinerary, we stopped at somewhere, (actually it do not remember the location), to snorkel. A great way to see their marine resources.


Khai Nok Island


We then reached an island with a lot of food stalls to satisfy our hunger and thirst from the very hot day-tour. They offered street foods, ice cream, blended fruit shakes and many other refreshments. Snorkeling is also popular on this island. But my husband and I decided to stay under the colorful picnic umbrellas, just sat and relaxed. We just can’t wait to go home. 🙂 





Our last day was just basically REST and RELAXATION. We just spent our last hours in Phuket inside our room, watching TV. We had our flight back to Singapore, early afternoon that day. (For your reference, the land transfer from our hotel in Patong to the airport was about THB 700.)

Here are also some of the places, things, and activities we enjoyed in Phuket. 


Honestly, we spent most of our trip budget on massage service. We had it twice, on our first and second night. The first we had was the famous Sweddish massage, which my husband and I did not like so much because it was kind of rough. But it was still satisfying. We had Thai massage the next night, and it was oh-so-good. We had a good sleep afterwards. They also offered green tea every after service.

Since we got to choose the masseur ourselves. Of course, I chose the masseur for my husband. 😉 I chose a senior (in terms of age) lady masseur and told my husband maybe she is more experienced. wink wink



We just passed by this street just to see what our friends say about it. And yes, this street is full of life! Bangla Road is the center of nightlife in Patong. My husband eyes were too occupied the whole time. Haha



Sorry, we did not have much pictures of the food because we just realize that we should took a photo for reference, after finishing every plate. I personally liked their food because it has so much resemblance with Filipino food. Also, the food here are cheap. You can really indulge yourself in eating…a LOT!




We loved the feeling of being home.

This beautiful island of Phuket really reminded me of my home land. The country’s gem, I must say, is its PEOPLE. The amazing natural resources are just big bonus from the Creator above. It is also commendable how they preserved their culture and religion.

Definitely, we will be coming back. Hopefully with our little one so we can enjoy other attractions we missed.



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