Our Proposal Story: The Question & Answer To FOREVER

28th of June 2014

Kiko, as always, is very eager to watch any Transformers movie. So I did not bother seeing him so angry with me and his sister, Jobelle, while the two of us walked slowly to Cinema 3 of SM San Fernando Downtown.

All of Kiko’s sisters were tensed, and I am busy looking for his niece that was supposed to watch the movie with us. Kiko then said he will buy popcorn, but we already have french fries. Do we need to munch so much? Haha. He sounds worried, he looks nervous.

Ate Mhy, Kiko’s eldest sister, is going up and down on the stairs, nervous as well and I am totally clueless of everything.

After the “Lupang Hinirang”, which is usually shown on the First Screening, suddenly, I observed that my face was on the screen and a camera light was shining beside me.

It should be a “Transformers movietime” with Kiko’s family, but it ended up as a thrilling surprise video presentation. Then I saw my prince charming approaching, carrying a bouquet of flowers and carrying a box…….. of a RING!!!!

Then the screen showed

Kiko is crying and I am so overwhelmed. My whole family and Kiko’s whole family were there! Pretending to watch the show and I did not even notice!

They coordinated secretly behind my back. Haha

Finally, I said a word to a man that I love, that I care of, that I need and treasured so much, a single word that speaks a thousand words more. I love him so much that proposing this grand is not necessary. I will definitely answer like this wherever and whenever, as long as he will ask.

I said YES.



P.S. Thank you so much to all of our families, relatives, friends and the photographers who contributed and documented this very beautiful happening in our lives.

Happy. Super Happy. No Endings. I love you Baby.



The man of the hour 
My sisters 💕
The whole family! 💕
What makes it more special is the presence of our family 💕

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