God’s Beautiful Surprise

I have a baby sister, Iyana. Until now, I still call her a ‘baby’. Maybe because she will always be a baby in my eyes, in my family’s eyes.

The day we knew that she is extraordinary

March 2010 is the last month of my Fourth & Final School Year in the University of the Philippines. Since UP is known for academic freedom, it is my decision to skip classes, as long as I don’t maximize the limit of absences; and as long as I pass my exams. So knowing that my mother will soon be giving birth, I opted to miss few of my classes. I stayed at home, trying to be there when the time comes.

My mother is an elementary teacher. On that day, she went to school and do her work as normal as possible. I went there as well to assist her.

Around noon on that gloomy day, my mother calmly said that she is in pain, and she thinks she will deliver soon. So I called for the driver, we rented a van and proceed to the Provincial Hospital. My mom’s OB is the head of the Provincial Hospital, but that time he was away, so other doctors took care of her.

My father and eldest sister followed us in the hospital. Few hours of waiting. Waiting and waiting… My mom was brought to the delivery room but we are not allowed to enter the area. So we patiently waited until the sunset was over. That night of 12th, around 7 to 8pm I think, my mother gave birth to my youngest sister. A special one, Iyana Amilia V. Guevarra.


Doctors’ Findings
That’s it! My mother gave birth! On the same day of birth as my Tita Rebecca, what a joy! Suddenly, doctors called my father and my sister inside. I stayed at the room since I have to take care of our things. While texting everyone about Iyana’s birth, I received a call. It is my eldest sister, Erin. I answered it and heard my sister gasping, crying. I asked her what happened. I feel worried for my mother since she is above 40 years old that time. I am afraid she did not make it. I shouted at my sister via phone since she is not saying a thing. Then finally she utter, “Our sister is Special“. After hearing that sentence, I cried.

I cried neither due to disappointment nor nonacceptance. I cried because I am familiar with special children. And I love my sister, I want her to live as normal as possible.

During my Fourth Year in College, my friends and I moved in into a new house near our School in Clark. Our neighbor, Jobert, became our friend. He lives with his mom, and sometimes I can see that his brother also pay a visit. He is a one happy guy. He can’t talk straight but he is able to express some of his thoughts, though a bit unclear. He always wear his ID wherever he goes. He plays in the streets at night with his ‘friends’ and bid goodbye to them with flying kisses directing to the skies, seems his playmates are angels. He oftentimes knocks at our door and says that he wants to play with us. He is always happy. He is also special. He has Down Syndrome.

Then I remembered my sister, Iyana. I want to see her and touch her. I want to look at her face and see if she looks like me or any of my sisters.

My sister finally went up to our room and told me the scenario when the doctor informed them about my sister’s condition. Everyone is in shock. My two younger sisters, Ida and Issa, cried a bag of tears back home when we relayed the news to them. After absorbing the news, they quickly went to the hospital.

We were lucky enough to be able to see Iyana in the nursery room. She is the most healthy-looking baby of all. She is indeed special. She is the star of the nursery room! We were all glad to see her and welcome her in this world.

Hi Baby Iyana, Hi Little Angel!



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